Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Street Photography is an art of capturing random candid moments, mostly in public places. It is not about the technique of photography. It is about the moment of photography.

I personally prefer street photography that has a social or an emotional message, which is ironical, contradictory or inflammatory.

One of the best street photography example is the photograph taken of the couple kissing on the vancouver streets just after a riot, with the rioters and the policeman in the frame.

There are others like the one below, which is about a social emotion. Although, we don't see any of the eyes, but it is clear that the man is looking at the girl standing, getting wet in the rains.

I came to consciously experience street photography only a few weeks back. Internet has a lot of great street photography.

I quickly tried recollecting, if I have done some street photography inadvertently.

This is what I found.

Wish I get to do more street photography.

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