Saturday, June 2, 2012

I remember the Singing Old Man in Jaisalmer Fort..

He was sitting in a small corner with his thread string guitar..
I requested him to sing something.
He was elated, but somewhere deep inside there was pain.
Life is Amazing !

portrait photography


  1. Such a beautiful capture. You're a very good photographer :)

    1. Thank you philo. I read few of your posts too. They are good. cheers!

    2. Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked them. Looking forward to more of your snaps :)

  2. I remember meeting a man just like him sitting outside some lake in Jaisalmer playing the same instrument, just as cheerful.
    My mom sat beside him and they did some Hindustani jamming. I was embarrassed at first, but then it was nice music. We have him 100 bucks at the end.

    1. It would be Him only. He was so much fun. We too gave him 100 bucks :) Perhaps I should have given him more...


I believe that I am good in photography :)
Correct me if I am wrong. Encourage me if I am right.
Thanks you for your time. Cheers!