Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catching the Fire !

It was cold. It was Jaisalmer.
It was getting hot. I was getting high on Old Monk.

Next thing I remember running to get my tripod.
Hope you guys like my running around !


  1. Your are a gd photographer.. nice clicks :)

  2. Nice snaps.. It can be improvised upon if you try to create something Catchy or symbolic with the Fire patterns in the Slow shutter speed..

  3. Nice Snaps.. It can be improvised upon if you try to form something Catchy or symbolic out of the Fire patterns.

  4. Pranjal, did you notice the arrow and the half circle? It is absolutely impossible to form something in a dance event. If it is a planned shoot, then of course, the idea would be to form catchy forms.

    Thanks Shikha.

  5. Thank you Pratibim, Thank you Shanoj.

  6. Thank you Joshi. You have inspired me to do some portraits. Shortly coming... :)


I believe that I am good in photography :)
Correct me if I am wrong. Encourage me if I am right.
Thanks you for your time. Cheers!